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We offer full installation of flexible ductless air systems including our own TRIPLE EVACUATION PROCESS. This guarantees new installations to have less than 250 microns vacuum. With our triple evacuation process we can guarantee your new system will outlast any other installation.

We offer heating upgrade solutions. If you are considering an upgrade talk to an indoor air quality expert first. Our friendly technicians can help choose the proper make and model to suit your needs.

We can fix any system you have currently installed. Contact us today for a free quote. Tired of repairs? Avoid the cost, and maintain your warranty status by signing up for our protection plan.

Install New Heat Pumps

A ductless heat pump is an efficient solution to modern day air quality problems. The installation is quick and painless - major renovations are not required. Contact an indoor air specialist today today for a free assessment.

Air Quality Inspection

Talk to a MiniPro air quality specialist about heat & cooling options. We can help you determine the best solution to your air quality needs. We also offer air quality inspection services including: thermal imaging, UV inspection, and Radon testing.

Annual Protection Plan

A protection plan is essential for ensuring the longevity of your new mini split system. At MiniPro we offer three flexible plans designed to save you money and time. It has been proven that preventative maintenance reduces cost.

Heat Pump Upgrades

Are you ready to upgrade your existing system? We are experts in the process. Let us advise you in the make and model suitable for your home. Contact us today for a free air quality assessment.

Triple Evacuation Process

All new installations are guaranteed to have less than 250 microns vacuum. This ensures your mini split system will be long lasting. Don't settle for less.

Indoor Installation

There are two components to the ductless heat pump installation. The indoor module delivers warm air in the winter and draws out heat in the summer. The two-way system is designed to leave you comfortable all year round. The indoor installation has a minimal footprint, and does not require major renovations. Contact us today for a free assessment.

Service Calls

Is your existing heat pump malfunctioning? Call MiniPro today for a full diagnostic test. Our air quality experts have years of experience and can have your system up and running in no time.

Custom Shelters

It is important to protect your heat pump from the elements to ensure long lasting service. We specialize in the construction and maintenance of heat pump shelters that are design to protect your investment. Contact us today for a free quote.

HRV Installation

Modern homes have excellent insulation. This results in a large amount of moisture trapped in the home daily - which can lead to mold and mildew. An HRV reduces humidity, pollutants and odors by replacing stale air with fresh warm air. Contact an indoor air specialist today for more information.

Looking For Another Service?

  • Ductless Mini Split Heat Pumps, Central Ducted Heat Pumps, Oil Fired Forced Hot Air Furnace addons for Heat Pumps
  • Heating & Cooling Solutions with Air Flow Balancing, Duct Sizing, Heat Pump Coil Cleaning
  • Full systems or unit change out's of HRV's, ERV's, Air Exchangers, Humidex, Central Vacuum
  • Range Hoods, Range Canopy Hoods, Range Chimney Hoods, Microwave Venting, Bath Fans, Dryer Vents
  • HEPA air filters, MERV air filters, HRV air filters,UV Lamps for Ducts and Coil Treatment, Ducted Humidifiers &
  • RADON Test Kits, Thermal Imaging Testing, UV Mold Testing

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Our goal is to diagnose any air quality problem within 30 min. We then give you a $50 voucher towards any repair.